Saturday, 25 July 2015

Schmincke half pan 36 palette - What comes in it?

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I thought I would do something a little different today give you a little tour of the Schmincke half pan 36 palette! A stunning art supply that I've had the honor of owning.This palette comes to you individually wrapped as you can see below, each half pan is loving secured with a colour label and wrapping, making each half pan a gift. I unwrapped mine one by one, and then cut the colour label and glued it onto a swatch card which you will see soon.
(above photo is the palette before each pan is unwrapped - brush not included also the two half pans in last row are also not included they were extra singles I purchased)
The colours you recieve in your set if you decide on the Schmincke half pan 36 palette are as follows:

Half Pan Set of 36 Colors — Contains half pans in 36 colors, including Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light, Permanent Carmine, Ultramarine Finest, Prussian Blue, Phthalo Green, Permanent Green Olive, Yellow Ochre, English Venetian Red, Sepia Brown, Ivory Black, Chrome Orange, Cobalt Green Dark, Naples Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Manganese Violet, Cerulean Blue Tone, Chrome Yellow Deep, Deep Red, Magenta, Indigo, Helio Turquoise, May Green, Translucent Yellow, Translucent Orange, Scarlet Red, Ultramarine Violet, Delft Blue, Mountain Blue, Prussian Green, Olive Green Yellowish, Brilliant Yellow Dark, Madder Brown, Indian Red, and Burnt Umber.

It is a fantastic array of colours! and these watercolours are unlike any I have tried, they are buttery and so richly pigmented. I was literally blown away. (and that isn't easily done these days) You don't need to saturate these in water to activate them. With a whisper of water these colours dance almost instantly!

After I unwrapped them I took a piece of canson watercolour paper and ruled a very uneven colour swatch chart, having the labels of the packaging underneath the watch I did. This way I didn't have to hand write each colour myself. These swatches are ONE BRUSH STROKE. I did not have to go over and over to get this sort of vibrancy they are literally one swipe of my brush onto the cardstock. Like I said these watercolours are like nothing I have ever used!

 When you order the Schmincke half pan 36 palette it comes in this beautiful metal palette case. It has great mixing palettes and the half pants click into place to prevent them from moving with travel.
I loved the case almost as much as the colours. (can you hear my gushing)

 I will leave you now with some close ups of the amazing colours you will get if you decide to invest in this supply. Though the outlay is rather large, these are truly high end watercolours, and I can assure you, you wont be disappointed with them.

I hope this has been informative! and you've had a good look at the colours you will get in the palette! If you have any questions just pop them down below!
Seeya next week
Courtney Diaz

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