Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Birds of a Feather

Fancy feathers with Mepxy Markers.

An easy and fun way to spruce up plain white feathers to add to craft projects such as Hear pieces, scrapbooking and home decor such as Dream catchers . 
For this you'll need a selection of Mepxy Markers, white feathers, craft matt or scrap paper. And for some special additions, why not try some Schmincke Aquarelle masking fluid and Schmincke Rich Gold powder/dust. 

Colours I used in the Mepxy range :Y11 Pale Yellow, W13 Peach Whip, N25 Natural, W37 Chocolate
Bright colours: B29 Ultramarine, B06 Peacock Blue, C49 Vivid Blue, C05 Cyan, L09 Fresh Green, G07 Vivid Green, W29 Sienna.

Here we go. 

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It's as simple as taking your marker and working your colours up the length of the feather. I started with W37 chocolate. Overlap the next colour, which was Peach Whip W13, then Natural N25 and finally Y11 Pale Yellow. It's a good idea to play with the colours on some Canson Bleedproof paper to work out how the colours will look on the feather. 

Blending with your 00 blender marker really helps the colours flow into one another. Oh! And it's ideal to work on a craft matt , but if you don't have on some paper underneath will suffice. 
You can create so many looks, and by researching birds and all the different colours there are, the possibilities are endless. 
By adding stripes or spots with a darker colour  the feathers can be personalised.
Blending with your Mepxy 00 softens the stripes and they look less 'stripy'. 

Next , let's try some Schmincke masking fluid. A few dots  or stripes of this will mask the original white base colour. The fluid is blue when wet, and becomes clear once dry. Once completely dry, add Mepxy markers. Once you're done with the colour, simply rub off the masking dots.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Why not try some Schmincke gold dust as well. Just spray a little water on the end of your fester and pick up a little gold dust on your brush and tap the dust over the wet area. Once dry it looks amazing.

Here's how the gold dust looks when
dusted over the water. It becomes
liquid gold. Awesome!

Here's a few of the different  feathers I created and with the stem trimmed, I added them to some beads 
and and thread to create a boho hair clip. 


Heres the Rainbow feathers, created with the colours you see here. They are also listed in the supplies.

 I hope you have fun with this, and  you enjoy coming up with different  projects and ways to use your personalised feathers .

See you next time


Kerry Sinigaglia

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  1. Great idea Kerry, love the feathers, thank you.

  2. Kerry....this is a wonderful idea. I cant wait to try it myself!