Monday, 20 July 2015

Guest Designer Anita Bownds 'Watercolour Cards'

Hi everyone,
Anita with you again today!
 I am sharing a card I made using watercolour paints. 
Super simple and easy to draw your own image and paint it.

I started by die cutting some watercolour paper.

I sketched out some flowers with a pencil. 

I mixed Carmine and Prussian Blue to get this dark pink for the flowers in the middle,
and the for little blue flowers- Ultramarine and Black.

Using the size 3 brush I painted the flowers in the middle first.

Then the little blue flowers.

Then using permanent green I painted the flower stems and outlined leaves by
adding a little more water to the green to lighten the shade.

Now back to the flowers in the middle using brush 5/0
Add a little more texture in the middle of the flowers 

Then using more of the permanent green I coloured the leaves.

Then back to the middle to add the middle of the flowers with black using brush 5/0. 

Next adding texture to the leaves with permanent green and brush 5/0.

And then outlining the flowers in the middle with more pink.

Then your done!

products used

9999815  200 Watercolour Pad, 15 sheets, A4
Canson® Colorline® white 300gsm

1 comment:

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