Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Porcelaine 150 Paint on Mugs.....

Hello all!

I have a quick share today showing a couple of mugs, I personalised and gave away as a little gift for my In-laws recently. It made a nice inexpensive gift which I filled with fruit and nuts in the end, and they were well received!

I started with some very simple mugs. and I used the black fine .7 point Porcelaine 150 Pen.

There are many Art Stores around that sell these Pens and Paints, and Spotlight carry them also. 

 They work like a regular paint marker, in that you have to prime the tip before drawing.  This is easy to do by depressing the felt tip nib to get the paint to come out and flow freely.  I usually just do this on a piece of scrap plastic transparency or the like.  You might have to do this each time you use it if your projects are spaced out a little and the nib dries out.  But priming it should work each time while the pen still has paint in it.

For these mugs I did nothing special other than my regular hand writing and a quote that I knew they would appreciate.

and the other one....

The way these pens work for glassware/porcelain that is to be washed, is that it is painted on and left to dry as per the instructions on the pack, and then you bake it in a low oven (Porcelaine 150 is baked at 150 degrees as the name suggests)  It is then dishwasher safe when washed on Economy (lower heat) in your dishwasher.  (If you are worried though I would just hand wash!)

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