Sunday, 19 July 2015

Pebeo Glass and Porcelain Painting

I must tell you.  I have never painted glassware or porcelain before, and I really didn't think it would work for me,  But I tried it, and now my brain is flooding with ideas! :-)

Pebeo Glass Paints come in the form of little tubs of paint, or paint pens, in a few different nib sizes to vary the detail in your work.  They are fun!

Both types- Vitrea (for glass) and Porcelaine (for porcelain) are drawn/painted on.  Left for 24 hours to dry and then put in the oven at either 150/160 degrees (depending on which one you are using)  You can use either on either surface too.  Porcelaine can go on glassware and vise versa.

I decided I would paint a Salad Bowl for my Mum as a Gift.  It turned out quite nice, and will be great on the table for years to come as it turned out!

It started out a plain old pasta/salad bowl for about $20 from Big W.  Not much of an exciting gift!

I scribbled on some flower shapes, getting the feel for the pen, which is much like a gold or silver paint pen, the types you have to depress to get the ink flowing.  I just kept a piece of scrap plastic (a piece of transparency would work too) next to me, which I used to keep the pen primed with paint.

It doesn't look too great yet, but adding the outline really brings it to life.

I added a couple of colours to the rose and the flowers just to add dimension.  A little red and magenta and some orange and yellow.  I also used two colours of green for the same effects. 

I left this layer to air dry, before adding the outlines.

You can add the extra colours to the image wet or dry.  When adding it dry, the new wet paint can tend to 'rewet' the dry, if its manipilated too much,  so you can still blend where you want to.

You can see some blending in the centre of the red flower below.

When that layer is dry I got out the fine Black pen and outlined the image.  It looks much better now!

its not perfect, I did it quite quickly to prevent it looking too precise.  I wanted to keep it loose.

I added little tiny red berries to some of the fronds, and random green dots as fillers around the flowers and other leaves.

Just a note as well..........

This took quite a long time, as the bowl is really large.  and I needed a break between painting sessions.  The lovely part about this paint, is if you make a mistake at this stage, or don't like what you have done, you can wipe it off if its still wet, and can just wash it with a sponge and light scourer if its dry and can start fresh.  That is not great for needing a break between sessions though, as it can damage really easily. if its knocked or not handled carefully.  I decided to protect what I had done by baking it on mid project.  I followed the directions to bake it and then let it sit until I was ready to continue!  Then it is completely safe!

The directions say the product is dishwasher safe.... but after reading about some failures I did notice that it also says on the website to only wash on 'economy' which wont be quite so hot.  My advise to my mum after all this hard work will be to warm wash by hand, just so it has a long life!!!

Here is a sample drawing sheets with some easy breakdowns for how to do this your self.  Its really quite simple!!!

Download it HERE

Thanks for stopping in today.  Hope you will give this a try.  People love handmade gifts and you can turn something plain into something treasured with glass paints!


  1. What a great way to jazz up plain tableware Lydell. I love what you e done here!