Sunday, 12 July 2015

100 Circles in 100 days project

Hello it's Peta here again on the blog today.

As part of my study into art therapy I have embarked on a project to create 100 circles in 100 days. The idea of this exercise is to encourage students to start using a circle a day, a simple shape, to represent how they are feeling each day. The circles evolve into a beautiful canvas over 100 days and before you know it students have a wonderful artwork that represents their life over the last 100 days!

Currently I have a bunch of students from all over the world doing this project with me right now. I'm loving using my pebeo acrylic paints and setaskrib markers to work wonders on the canvas. Here is where I am at right now.

I'm finding that sometimes i don't get a circle completed because i'm waiting for paint to dry! However, I know what I'm intending to do so as you can see i've started whiting out some circles to use as a background for the days painting or drawing. I've also used to scraps of fabric so far and on one it has words that meant something to me on the day i glued it on the canvas and the other was blank calico that i then used my Setaskrib marker to write on as i wanted words rather than pictures for the days' circle.

You can vary the sizes and orientation of the circles. Yesterday i used a felt round pot holder to paint an impression on the canvas. I do this because I love tea and i often sit my teapot on something similar to this.

To get you started I have compiled a snapguide short course below. You can use any size canvas. this one is 26 x 26 inches square.

Have fun and enjoy your journey of 100 circles in 100 days.

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  1. Great work Peta, good luck with your studies.