Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dress Up Your Decor

I cant believe the enjoyment I have found in Pebeo's Glass/Ceramic and Fabric, paints and markers.  I would never have thought they were for me, Nor did I think that I wanted to own anything that was painted on with these mediums.  How wrong I was!
I have enjoyed creating each project, I have enjoyed creating original, unique gifts for family and friends, AND I love how these paints have rejuvenated, and recycled and made Cool my kids clothing. How plain used ceramic dishes have become pieces of treasured artworks.
These Pebeo Paints are seriously cool. (I was guilty of thinking the opposite) but not now.
The possibilities are endless and exciting.

My latest project involves taking my plain 10 year old cushions and painting a couple meaningful quotes on them. I Love them now, and it has made my living room look very cool.  I love text!!!

Anyway Check out my tutorial below:

Check out How to Dress Up Your Decor by Siann Watts on Snapguide.

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