Wednesday, 25 November 2015

a"MAZE"ing mini journal with Canson.

Jingle bells , Jingle bells. 
Journal all the way…

This is a fun way of creating journals . 
Mixing up your style of journals can be as inspiring as what you put in them.

 Create a 'MAZE' journal with just one sheet of Canson 300gsm watercolour paper. Here's a quick look at how to fold and cut  your paper.

Fold sheet in half then fold both 'sides in to the centre creating a "W".

Her you can see the sheet lade out flat. Get a nice crease using a boning tool.

Repeat the process but turning the sheet of paper . Again using a boning tool so score and crease.

Here's your piece folded and with all it's creases.
Now. Looking at this image, you can see that I made cuts on the crease lines. Cut up to the end crease only. creation an "M".

Fold the papers in a concertina like fashion. And there you have it. A new journal. 

With such wonderful family and friends to give gifts to, sometimes thinking outside the box is the way to go . Perhaps creating a "Maze Journal" for one of your loved ones with CANSON watercolour paper and Schmincke Watercolours would make a great personal gift.

Or for those who you know wish to get their creative juices flowing, make a mini maze journal and add some water-colours and a  Printecon Neptune "Quill" brush for the perfect Christmas gift.

 SUPPLIES usedin this project were; a Canson 300GSM Watercolour sheet of paper A3. 
Schmincke Watercolour pallette
A variety of Princeton Quill brushes. 

So with some delicious colour washes and/or sketching and watercolour touches, you've created a wonderful gift or travel journal for personal use. 

With your very own mini fold out journal, a little water and your gorgeous Princeton watercolour brushes, you're ready to escape and create. Or make a special gift for a loved one. 

Schmincke Watercolours 1/2 pans in tin. A variety of Princeton Neptune quill brushes and my Canson watercolour maze journal.

I hope you  have fun with this idea .

Have a wonderful lead up to Christmas and...
Happy creating
Kerry Sinigaglia