Saturday, 14 November 2015

Decorate these super cute gift boxes

The gift giving season is almost upon us not only like do I like to give handmade presents but sometimes whether that be just a small gift of choccies or something we can give them in a handmade box that makes it all the more special.

 These boxes are just simple little cardboard boxes available from Spotlight. This project is really two steps, the first step is to paint them with acrylic paint. As they are cardboard they really suckup the paint alot, so the trick is just to apply quite a few layers allowing them to dry in between.

For this box the lid comes in two parts so i thought this would be really nice to paint a bold contrasting colour - just take this out and paint it that way you don't need to worry about the edges. - Did i mention you need a few layers of paint - ;) just be patient it will be worth it in the end.

Allow this to dry completely before you move to the next step.

All the parts of the box painted.
NEXT comes the fun part the decorating. 
I just love the Schminke Aerocolour inks and the liner pens that you can fill with your favourite colours!

I have the fine tip pen here with the Cyan ink. This is one of my favourite colours to go to.

Really from here is up to you with how you want to decorate. I used a white gel pen for the white areas.

Starting to add my decorations.

I think this would also be a super cute and easy little project you could do with the kids of all ages.  You could run it over a couple of days and get the painting out the way first and decorating in the next session. Or if you have really little ones you could do the painting your self and just let them decorate.

BOX IDEAS:  They could use one for their little lego bits or would make a lovely little storage box for jewellery or hairbands. You could also write some words on the top to say what needs to go in there or inspirational quotes - up to your imagination.


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