Thursday, 30 July 2015

One Pen Can Make a difference - Pebeo Vitrea160 Glass Paint Pen

I seem to collect empty jars, I don't know why, but when we finish with a glass jar, if it has a unique shape or just a generally nice look, I soak the labels off and keep them (total hoarder) The other day I was looking at my paint water jar, so sad and boring, usually holding murky grey water, never really pretty. So I took to it with a single pen.
The Turquoise Vitrea160 Glass Pen. I didn't set out with any pre designed design. But for people who are total beginners and feeling nervous, you could perhaps sketch out some ideas before you boldy go in with a pen!

I shook my pen to get it going (keep lid on when doing this) then pumped the nib down a few times on a palette. Then simply began doodling a design all over my paint water jar.
I did the Jar in sections as I am left handed and didn't want to smudge my work as I went along. I just had fun! I had no idea what I was going to create, but I just drew patterns giving the pen every few minutes a few pumps on my palette to refresh the paint flow.
No plain jar is safe with these pens! I can also see adding tea light candles to some of the winder neck jars to make really lovely light shows! I might even do that for my next post to show you how they look at night!
I hope this very simple use for a single pen can make a colour impact on your life! I think these jars look amazing with all the doodling!

Have a wonderful weekend looking at your old jars in a different light!
Courtney Diaz

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