Thursday, 16 July 2015

Holiday Art Projects for Kids with Guest Designer Helen Syngaris

      Hi everyone!

               It's Helen here again with another Guest Design post for the Crafty Crusaders.

       With school holidays upon us, my mind has been racing as to how to keep the "I'm bored" comments to a minimum. The following art project will have kids of all ages occupied and engaged for long enough to hopefully hang out that load of washing or make yourself a cup of tea!!

Materials needed:
Substrate - paper, canvas board
Acrylic paint - I've used  Pebeo studio acrylics
21 Oriental Violet
17 Phthalocyanine blue
48 Primary yellow
30 Turquoise blue
44 Hooker's green
45 Vivid pink
Masking tape
Paint brush
Other embellishments if desired
Heat gun

  Firstly gather your supplies and gesso your substrate. Let dry or dry with a heat tool.

Next, grab some masking tape and tape down in random directions over the whole piece making sure to leave a rectangle big enough for your child's name or word of their choosing. This can be anywhere you like. I've done mine on the left hand side half way down.

Let your child choose  colours they would like to use. They can now start painting in the gaps between the masking tape.

Colours don't have to match, the brighter the better! Repeat colours if desired or have a total rainbow effect with as many colours as you can fit in.

Once all the gaps have been filled in, leave to dry or again use a heat tool if the little munchkins can't wait! Then, gently peel off the masking tape and outline the shapes with a black felt marker.

If your child is younger, they can then decorate the page with stickers and stamps. Adding their name in the rectangle really personalises this creation. However, if your child is older and willing, let them freehand their name or word in the rectangle, doodle, decorate and basically go crazy with anything they love. Encourage them to experiment. There is no wrong way!!

The white space is another area they can try doodling or making their own patterns. This project is one they can go back to and add to constantly.
Hope you all enjoy creating and I would love to see  your ( their ) results!!
Till next time,
Helen xx

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