Friday, 17 July 2015

Mepxy Max 11th Edition



BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Coloured Card 185gsm in Rose Petal and Mepxy Brush Markers

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers to draw. They have so much character and look great in pretty much ANY colour. I desided to try out my mepxys on some of the Canson coloured card, rose petal.

First start off by drawing your design. I use 0.8 and 0.2 art liners.

I start off the colouring with the greens. I don't want to blend the colours in the leafs as I'll be blending the petals a fair bit so want these to stand out. The coloured card takes the colours really well.

Next I use a light pink for the inside of the petals. I use a flicking motion the colour from the base of the inside of the petal out towards the edge. I don't go all the way to the edge as i do like some negative space in the petals. This helps to no make them look flat.

Then I go in with a darker pink for the outside of the petals using the same motion as before. Using the extreme ends of the scale for one particular colour will help create contrast in the drawing.

Finally I go over the edges of the darker pink where the negative space was on the outside of the petals and with a slightly lighter pink to the darker pink. I want to blend these two colours a little bit but not too much.

There you have it folks. Don't be afraid to have negative space in your artwork. Not every inch of the paper has to be covered in ink :) Simplicity is your friend.

Colours used: R32, R35, R24, 00, R20, G28, L24, G07

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