Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gemstone Painting

Gem Painting

 Making table decorations or any form of decoration can often become rather costly very quickly, but this little idea gives you plenty of inspiration to play around on a budget!

I bought this pack of gemstones for $5 from spotlight and thought I'd play around with them and come up with some ideas. I used a 3/0 round Princeton brush so I could paint the fine details.


Pebeo Vitrea Paints: (You can use whatever paints you desire, or even use the marker pens!)
- Sun Yellow
- Pimerno Red
- Turquoise
- Oriental Green
- White
- Ink Black

- Gemstones
- Fine tip Paintbrush
- Tissues



I decided to paint my gemstones on the flat side, so I had an easier surface, but you can paint them however you'd like!

I started off with the black spots for eyes. 

I then mixed the pink and red to create the pink.

I then used the pink for the nose.

If painting on the flat side like I have here, you have to be aware of your layers, I had to do the eyes first and white paint last so I could keep all the details.

Little ears.

Poor bunny drowning in all of that paint.

Oh wait! See, this is what I mean by those layers! Now I painted around the outside with some blue paint.





Taking into consideration the layers, I started off with the duck beak and eye.

When those were dry, I painted over the top with the yellow paint.

I then painted around the duck with the green.

Just quackers.




These were my favourites. I started off with a small yellow dot for the center of the flower.

I mixed some of the colours to make purple.

I then painted small petals, only reaching halfway to the edges of the gemstone.

 I then repeated it a couple of times.

Now you have your base flowers.

Now you paint over those petals again as well as extending past the petals lengths.

This is what the underside looks like.

But when you turn it over, you see the two colours.


I repeated it again for the pink flower, by going over it with some red.

You get that lovely gradient.

I used the white paint on the purple flower.

Subtle, but sweet.




I decided to paint the name "Lilly", but because I was doing the reverse of the gem, I had to write the letters backwards, but you can paint on the top of the stone if you want to avoid this.

It doesn't make sense upside down...

But when you turn it over! "Lilly!" (Apologies for the glare on the stones)

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  1. They are too Cute! Fabulous idea Natalie :)

    1. Thankyou Michelle! There is so much you can do with them haha!

  2. So cute Natalie, I love them!