Thursday, 20 August 2015

Spring Time Tassles

Boho Tassels
Tassel dyeing with:
 Pebeo SetaColor Opaque

Winter is nearly over, but here's a way to spend the last of the chilly weather in order to add some spice and colour to you Spring wardrobe.
Using Pebeo Setacolor Opaque paint, you can easily personalise your accessories to match your wardrobe. There's nothing more satisfying than saying "I made it myself". So heres how to add some boho basics to your wardrobe. 
I hope you have fun with this simple and rewarding project. 

Pebeo SetaColor in:
Oriental Blue
Butter Cup
 Bengal Pink
Fine /regular cotton string
Princeton brush set
20 gauge  wire in silver
silver finding and beads for embellishment
Silver chain

Pick from the range of colours available.
There's sure to be a colour or mix to suit you wardrobe.

A couple of brush loads of colour  to the bowl before adding a dash of water
fro soaking the cotton string.

Once you have a descent colour dye mixed, add the cotton/natural string(apron 2metres ) for dyeing
and mix it around with your brush. Let colour fully absorb before
squeezing excess colour out.
DON'T forget to iron the string so that the colour is permanent.

Dyed and heat set string.

Cut a piece of cardboard around 7cm long and have a couple of pieces of string dyed for tassel
making around 2meters . (Plus extra for tying if needed.)
Replace the thread in image with 20gauge wire around 20cm in length.
Wrap the thread around the pice of card.

Cut the end of thread/tassel. (knot thread at the top if not using wire. )

Here's the wire bent throughout the centre of the tassel ready for threading. 

Using an end cap, thread the wire through the hole .

Wrap wire.

Add extra beads for interest.

Here's an ides for a change. A crescent tube thread with wire and loop at either end. 
Add some fine gauge wire in a contrasting colour around the tube 
also keeps the tassel centred.

A selection of hand made tassels for creating your own unique pieces of Spring jewellery.

I hope you have been inspired to create some new designs
for you Spring wardrobe. 
It's a fun way to add some eclectic and boho style to your Spring accessories.

See you again soon
Kerry Sinigaglia


  1. Kerry, love your sweet tassle jewelry! can't wait to give it a go< i love tassels!

    1. I'm so glad you've liked this post and you're going to give it a go. Be sure to show us what you do with them Bonnie.