Saturday, 15 August 2015

Butterfly Frenzy Vase with Pebeo Vitrea 160

To paint a beautiful butterfly vase like mine you will need:

  • Plain glass vase
  • Butterfly stencil (optional - you can draw free-hand)
  • Piece of thin craft foam (if using a stencil)
  • Scotch Tape if (if using stencil)
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints, frosted colour;s Azure, Rose Pink, Ink Black, Sky
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 Markers, frosted colours; Natural, Gitane Blue, Rose Pink, Mauve, Black
  • Have Isopropyl alcohol on hand (Isocol or Diggers) and a cotton bud to clean up smudges or remove mistakes
  • A few small brushes in different shapes and sizes for variety
  • Water jar
If you don't want to draw/paint your butterflies free-hand, here is a way to at least get the basic shape of the insect onto your vase.

First find a butterfly stencil, always handy to have, mine has been well used as you can see. Alternatively for this process you could also cut out shapes of butterflies you have printed on your computer.

Trace through the stencil (or around your cut-out shapes) on to a piece of thin craft foam. I used butterflies in four different sizes. Cut out your shapes.

If your vase is curved like mine you may need help keeping in onto the surface, so just put a bit of scotch tape on the back.

Use a Pebeo Vitrea160 marker to trace around the basic butterfly shapes on to your vase. Keep your butterfly "masks", they may be handy for another project.

Stick your foam shape on with sticky tape. It will remove and re-use easily.
Once you have marked in your basic shapes it's time to paint them in. This is where you can have playful fun and get creative. Set up a pallet with your paints. Experiment making many as many different colours as you can from just those few colours.

As well as experimenting with colour, try creating different brush strokes with the different brushes. See how the marks made with paint and brush differ from those made with a marker.

Remember colours will mix together on the pallet, or blend together on the surface if still wet. If you want to keep some colours pure, make sure you wash and dry your brush in-between different colours and let the paint dry first before painting another colour adjacent.

Do one layer, then let dry, then add more to your designs if desired. No two butterflies will ver be the same.

Here I have put rice in the vase so you can see the finished designs more clearly.

Bake your finished design in the oven as per instructions on the packaging. 

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