Wednesday, 19 August 2015

GDT Aurora Davison Using Mepxy Markers and Schmincke Inks

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 This is my next free tutorial using the wonderful Mepxy Brush Markers and The Schmincke Aerocolor Ink and refillable Liner.

Songbird wm


  For this project I used a 10 x 12" primed canvas board which I covered with old sheet music (found in a second hand book store) using matte medium and allowed it to dry. Next I used a light pink/coral ink on the edges and while still wet added Pebeo Studio Acrylic paint in Titanium White and used an old plastic card to lightly cover the board so the sheet music shows through the paint.


  This is not meant as a step by step drawing lesson but gives you an idea of how she was drawn. For the face I started with a circle and marked the centre and a line 1/3 down from it - this is the eye line. Next drew the curve of the face (centre) down to the chin line and added the neckline. Next I drew in the side eye and the side line of the face. In this image the cheek is too far down and I later gave her a 'cheeklift'. Then I added in the extra features. The mouth is only partially drawn as it is somewhat hidden in a 3/4 face.


The finished drawing with hair added and the guide lines erased. The cheek on the side has been lifted also.

Hint: Take a photo of your drawing as it helps to see the proportions better - hence why the cheek line was altered as it was 'wrong' at first.


Image transferred to the board using tracing paper.


Colour in the skin with Mepxy Brush Marker W31 - Bridal Skin. Do not worry too much about any streaking, this will be smoothed out later.


Colour in the mouth and corners of the eye with Mepxy Brush Marker R02 - Light Peach.


Colour in the contours/shadows of the face and neck with Mepxy Brush Marker N01 - Wood Ash.


Further darken using Mepxy Brush Marker N05 - Sand Storm.


Now take a make-up sponge dampened with some rubbing alcohol (easily bought at chemists and supermarkets) and gently smooth out all the streaks. She now has an almost ghostly but ethereal look to her.


Colour in the eyes with Mepxy Brush Marker L95 - Pale Olive and add (remove) highlights with the Mepxy Brush Marker 00 - Colorless.


Draw in the hair highlights with Mepxy Brush Marker N05 - Sand Storm.


Colour in the rest of the hair, and darken the eyes and eyebrows with Mepxy Brush Marker W37 - Chocolate.
Again smooth the streaks with rubbing alcohol on a damp (not wet) make-up sponge.

The rubbing alcohol can also be used to completely wipe the image away in case you wish to start over.

The image was further enhanced with Faber-Castell Gelatos and Prismacolor Pencils.
The white highlights where drawn with a Schmincke Aerocolor Liner #3 (it has a 2-6mm chisel tip which allows fine and thick lines). I filled this with Schmincke Aerocolor 101 - Supra-White.


I finished the painting with stencilling in various shades of Pebeo Studio acrylics.

photo 1-1-1

The same face but different media used to create a journal entry.

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