Sunday, 23 August 2015

Book Week is COMING!

Good Morning!
 As many parents are already aware book week is coming like a freight train at us! where our little ones dress up like characters from the books they love and adore! My niece happens to be one of those kids! She ummed and ahhhed about who she wanted to be and finally picked a book character from a book that she loved, she picked Ruby Redfort.

This character wears a lot of slogan tshirts! so being the awesome aunty that I am, I handed over my stash of Pebeo Fabric Paints and Fabric Markers! So she could create her own costume slogan t-shirt herself!

I wont go into a huge tutorial as the photos my sister in law took are helpful enough! but the supplies are so user friendly that even kids can have an amazing time creating clothing items for themselves!

Other supplies I handed to her was a few sponges to bounce the paint across with ease, and stencils to help make text and images easier! Even though Amy is super creative having stencils to use makes it universally easier to create works of art without having any drawing skills!

She started by colouring in the bottom of the cupcake stencil image with the Fabric Markers - Setaskrib from Pebeo.
Then using a sponge she bounced the yellow fabric Paint for the icing.

Then waiting for that to dry a little, she also used the alphabet stencil to create her character's signature tshirt slogan - Let them eat cake.


She used a paintbrush for this step as she needed more precision on the letters! (I'm totally proud of her)
 Once the shirts where dry we heat set both prints with a iron on low heat to make them machine washable. (the red shirt was a practice one to get her confidence up)

Amy is also going to be embellishing the cupcake with some beads to give it a 3d looking quality.

Once her Book Week parade has happened I'll add a snap of her finished outfit at the bottom of the post! but for now here are the two finished shirts she made with absolutely no adult help! I must say they both turned out super!

The Fabric Line from Pebeo is so versatile for adults and kids! This post was to show just how truly user friendly they are! Make some custom shirts for book week if you a stuck for ideas, they are simple, fun and unique thing to do!

To all the kids, have an AMAZING book week parade!
Seeya next week, with some graphic cushion cover ideas!

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