Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Cute little inspiration notebook

Here is a cute little project that you can do with your kids or as a gift.

My son loves little notebooks to draw in, (just like his mum) I came accross these cute little ones in Spotlight that you can put your own paper into. This is a great idea for me as i love to sketch on speciality drawing paper as well as bits of watercolour colour paper that I can reuse that I have lying around.

My son on the other hand goes through sketchbooks very quickly as he likes to sketch then gets frustrated and wants to start a new one, so i thought this would be a great way he can keep some good works together and also we can add in  some of the Canson coloured papers inbetween to keep life interesting.

I have found this really cute design of a bird in an adult colouring book that i just loved, i wanted to draw something on the front that really inspired me and these brown natural carboard looks lovely with a white gel pen but you could use black or pencils or anything else you wanted that shows up.

So i just started marking out my design in pencil, and then started going around it with my white gel pen.

As i continued on i just played around with the patterns and added a quote at the bottom.

Cover it with a quick coat of gloss medium to seal and insert some nice papers inbetween the brown papers thats included and thats it. 

I will be getting my son to decorate his, but ofcourse wasn't able to at the time of this post but  add to the end of this when we are done.

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