Monday, 24 August 2015

Guest DT Geri McLeod- Schmincke Inks

Hi Crusaders,

Geri with you again today. :-)

This time I wanted to share with you how wonderful the Schmincke Aero Colour inks are.
I was at the Brisabane craft show and saw them at Jane Davenport's store. I bough a set of 5
with white black magenta yellow and blue. 

The first thing I noticed was how intense the colours are. I mean knock your socks of awesome bright and beautiful colour that makes you gasp. They are little bottles full of joy.

I got a pack of empty dauber bottles from Dick Blick. I put in 5-10 drops of the Schmincke Aero Colour ink  and then filled them up to half full with water.
The colour is still really bright even when diluted in the water and I thought I would go through an old art journal and just add a bit of new colour here and there. The yellow is like sunshine and happiness and immediately lights up a page.
I especially loved when the yellow blended into the magenta and you got a beautiful orangey pink. The inks melt together beautifully.

Using the dauber bottles makes fantastic backgrounds. I love that the water in them makes them so fluid and they flow on so easily. They work well with the liquitex Gesso I had used on the old book page. They resist coloured pencil and this was a really nice effect. I also used
neon spray paint with stencils and then put the ink over the top and really loved the bright ink colours.

I had an altered book with a  white gesso layer and did a basic sketch using a coloured pencil. I then used the Aero Ink in the dauber bottle to add colour for quick backgrounds. I loved using it and love the colours. 

I then got my Schmincke watercolours out and added some more detail in flesh tones. I could also go in with colour pencils  and white sharpie next. The water-colour set is from Jane Davenports shop Institute of Cute. They are her special hand picked colours and I love them.
The Schmincke watercolours are probably the best art supply I have ever bought. They have incredible pigment and the colours are bright and beautiful and are a pure joy to use. A little bit goes a very long way because they are excellent quality.

I was pleased with these dauber bottles as they are a very handy way to use ink and the quality of the ink is so excellent you only need a few drops with water. I'm looking forward to lots of other experiments with the Schmincke aero ink.

May the Schmincke be with you. 
Follow your art hearts.

Till next time. Geri xxx

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