Friday, 14 August 2015

Mepxy Max 13th Edition


Super Quick BUNBUN

BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Brush Markers

Hi ALL! So today is a super quick and easy tutorial using Mepxy brush markers! Enjoy.

First you want to do your line work which I do with any art liner I can find. I generally use 0.8 and 0.2 I don't have a favourite brand for these at all I just have a favourite width.

For the eyes I use one dark grey (NG09) and a light grey (TG04) I used the darkest first than the lighter colour to overlap the darker grey so I can diffuse the line.

Next I wanted this rabbit to have some spots so to do these I used a medium and light grey of the same range. So I used Neutral Grey 04 and 02. I use NG04 first to create the spots then go over the entire spot with the light grey to diffuse the line of NG04 and to "calm" it down a little as I found NG04 to be a tad too dark for what I was looking for.

Now I want my Bunbun to be light grey all over. For this I use a warm grey (WG01) and go over the whole rabbit apart from it's eye, I do this so the greys of the spots and the grey of the rabbit can compliment each other. Next I want shadow to its features. So I use a toner grey (TG03) to go around the edges of his face, ear and mouth. I found this to be a touch too harsh so I went over the whole rabbit again (apart from the eye) with another Toner grey (TG01) to tie in everything.

Next is the border. I use R29 to create a half moon in the pearls. This will help give them a spherical shape. Next I use a light red (R35) and shade in the bottom half of the pearl followed by a lighter red tone (R32) to shade the top little circle.

Next is a pink shade (R00) for the ear and nose and a touch in the eyes.

Then to shade in the background I use C13 to shade the areas closest area to the rabbit then go over the rest of the are with C35 so C13 doesn't seem as sharp.

Finally I use a white art liner and put highlights in the pearls to give them a shine. I also add them in the eyes and on the nose. There you have it folks. The was super easy and super quick. In total it took me about 8 minutes to colour this little piece. I hope this helps.

Colours Used: NG09, TG04, NG02, NG04, WG01, TG03, TG01, R29, R35, R32, R00, C13, C35

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