Thursday, 6 August 2015

Modern Master.


Schmincke AeroColor and Canson

Wanting to add a personal touch to your home or workspace ?
This can be easily  achieved with the use of Schmincke AeroColor ink, Catalyst tools , Canson Canvas paper, Princeton brushes  and a few other additions.
Let's get started.

AeroClour Nuetral Grey, Blue Cyan, Primary Yellow, SUPRAWhite and Primary Magenta
Canson Canvas paper 290gsm
Princeton Catalyst tool mini 01 Princeton catalyst tool B-02 30.
Princeton brushes round #2, flat 1/2 inch, wash 1/4 .
Schmincke Masking Fluid

Firstly draw a boarder around your sheet of Canson  290gsm canvas paper.
This will give you an area to work within.
A light pencil boarder to keep things in

A drop or two of Schmincke AeroColor  Primary Yellow  and spread out with a wet brush. 

Spread out some Basic Cyan blue with your Princeton Catalyst tool Mini01
Overlapping colours look fantastic. 

Spread some Basic Magenta ink with the Princeton Catalyst 30 B-02
for a different effect.

Best part….is adding dots and dashes with Schmincke Aquarell
masking fluid.Let dry fully before painting over.

Mix a drop of blue and yellow together.
Grab a wet brush and spread your colour
over the masking fluid.

Once the fluid has dried just rub it off and there you go.
Designs revealed.

 Adding  contrasting collage pieces give your artwork another dimension.
 Now for some detail work using the Neutral Grey ink and Princeton
round brush number 2. Add details wherever you feel it needs it.

 Extra detail work with Neutral Grey ink
and Princeton brush #02

 As you can see, I added bits of collage . I used magazine pages and
 used my  die-cutting machine, and some pretty napkins.
 But even just cutting out shapes with your scissors
 works every bit as well.
NOW…..A drop of White and splayed out with the Princeton
brush, and a few  more dots here and there make for magic.

OOPS!!!! Sorry for the upside-down pic.
My computer wouldn't let me turn it around.
Don't you LOVE technology?
Anyway….a drop in the centre of the white with some
Primary Magenta ink breaks the starkness.

So…..keep going till you're happy with your final piece of art, and hang it proudly on your wall. 
Don't forget to sign it. You never know……it may be worth millions one day. 

Signing off…

Kerry Sinigaglia


See you next time

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