Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mepxy Max 9th Edition


Mepxy sounds like Pepsi

BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Markers

So here's a funny one for everyone! A while ago Mepxy ran a competeion for "Mepxy, sounds like Pepsi". This has been my inspiration for this piece.

First off is your line work. I used art liners 0.03 and 0.2. I had taken a photo of a marker and used that as my reference.

To create the silver bands I used high contrasting Cool Gray colours CG01 and CG04. I played down 04 first than went over it with 01 the blend it out.

Next was the coloured tips. I used colours I thought were similar to the colour of Pepsi, N05 and N59. I put the darkest colour down first which was N59 then to create a little highlight on the cap I used N05 and saturated that one area where I wanted a sort of "shine" as if light was hitting it. I did this to both ends.

Now the Mepxy brush markers are white so to create a sort of tone I used CG01 and coloured in certain areas to create a light source on the marker. I saturated the lowers areas on the markers so as to make it look like the light was coming from the upper right corner.

For the tiny indentations on the Mepxy cap I used CG04. At first it came out way too harsh. So to calm the tone down I used CG01 and blended like crazy. I did multiple layers until I was happy with the colour CG04 had turned.

For the shadow I used CG05 and CG01 with simple blending. I took CG05 almost all the way to the top of the marker to show that the light source was coming from behind the marker but up a little higher. Then I blended in the CG01.

That's it ladies and gents. A simple tutorial only using 5 colours. Hope you enjoyed it.

Colours used: CG01, CG04, CG05, N05, N59

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