Saturday, 27 June 2015

GDT- Karen Hawkins "Smoosh Painting"

Fabric 'Smoosh' Painting with Setacolor

Hi all!

  Karen@WhimsiKa here!

Today I have a simple tutorial on how to make sweet little fabric squares using Pebeo Setacolor Fabric paints and, what I call, the 'smoosh' technique.

  The fabric for this project needs to be a fairly lightweight and at least 50% natural fibre OR use good old baby wipes. The brand I mention at the start of the video is lovely and thick and allows for plenty of 'smooshing'. 
My washing line has never looked so pretty!

  I love that we can use this technique to make duplicate prints while a piece is still wet...just add a little spray of water, overlay with another piece of fabric and 'smoosh' the paint in with a brayer (you could also use a rolling pin, a baron or any other rounded object). Just remember, the more prints you take from one piece, the paler the colours will become

  The resulting pretty fabrics can be used in a fabric collage, or sewn into bags or cut up and turned into many uses (see the video for other ideas)

NB. One point I'd like to make...the stain you see on my fingers is NOT from the Setacolor paints, but from a previous project. The Setacolor paint washes off the skin quite easily!

You could also quilt on it.

Fabric flowers is one option for your hand
painted fabric

Hope you have fun getting messy with this technique. I sure love the surprise thst each piece gives me!

Hugs Karen!


  1. What a great way to create some fabulous effects. I love the use of baby wipes. Thank you for sharing such great ideas with us.