Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cut It Out

Desk Decor with Canson and Schmincke. 

School Holiday design activities

Supply List
Aero-color in: Primary Blue Cyan, Primary Yellow, Brown Brazil, SUPRA-opaque White.
Canson Watercolour 'Montval' 185gam A3
Individual Spray bottles
Water spray bottle
Craft mat
Cutting mat
Scissors or craft knife 
Stencil/ or freehand design
Masking tape
Rock salt
A fairly simple project to start the school holidays or spruce up a desk. Suitable for children around 10+.
PLEASE note that using a craft knife is only needed if your design is more intricate. Parental guidance or assistance is HIGLY recommended. 

Take your sheet of #Canson 185gsm watercolour paper and fold into this concertina four fold. 
Mark out a line around 10cm from the bottom. This will be your guide for placing your stencil or drawing. 
Here I chose a stencil that slightly overhangs each side of the card fold. This is important as the pieces connect due to this. A little piece of masking tape helps keep the stencil in place. 
Heres how your drawing should look.
Begin cutting out with a craft knife or scissors.
AGAIN….parental help is advised. 
Here's how your cut out appears before the Aero-color is added.

Spray cut out with water and begin spraying with Aero-color that has been dropped into a small spritzer 
I began with the Brown Brazil , then a touch of Primary Yellow. Let it run and move around. This adds to the natural patterns. 

Follow this with a spritz of Primary Cyan Blue and spray lightly with water to get the colours to intermix. Try adding some rock salt for special effects. It leaves a really cool mark as it soaks up some of the colour. 
Here's what I used.
Aero-color in Primary Yellow,  Primary Blue Cyan, Brazil Brown and as  an extra 'snow'I spritzed a little Supra-White Opaque.
If unsure. Play on some leftover card before applying to the cut-out.

A you can see, I added some extra snowflake like pattern with a stencil and the opaque white in a spritzer, plus with an ink pad I added a forest design with a stencil,  ink pad and antique gold embossing powder which when heated melt to create a wonderful embossed design. (kids love this)
This is completely optional. I just happened  to have these things on hand. If you also like this look and have a stash of goodies, by all means, go for it. It's all a personal process. 
I hope that the idea inspires the young ones and parents to spend a little time together and create a little piece  of magic for your personal space.

So enjoy some time together and  create something you'll  have to look back fondly on. 
Why not take photos of yourselves together during the project and put them together in a special memory journal. 
Most importantly…


Kerry Sinigaglia

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