Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mepxy Max 10th Edition


Dilophosaurus Knows What's Up

BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Brush Markers

I grew up watching and loving Jurassic Park and anything with dinosaurs in it. So when I found out that there was going to be a fourth movie my insides melted. Having recently seen it I am inspired by dinosaurs once again. True fans will get it. 

Start with your basic line work. I use 2 pens. A 0.8 and 0.2 in thickness. I love using the 0.8 because it frames the image. The thicker the better.

As usual I start with my darkest colour and work my way out to the lighter colour of roughly the same family. So for this one I started with C18, blended with C15, blended again with C13. I still wanted to see the difference between where one colour started and the other ended so I did't saturated my blending too much.

Next was the same process. Darker to lighter, however I only used to colours for this one. R17 to R32. These colours are widely different as age I wanted to see the difference in colour.

With the yellow (Y13) I went over all the red/pink tones to blend them in then went over with the R32 to create the pattern the the Dilophosaurus has on his frills.

I used the same process for the face as I did for the beginning of the first frill. I made certain areas darker to create depth.

I used the same process again for this frill as I did the first one. I did however use more of a "whip" motion when applying the first two colours, the dark and medium colours (C18 and C15) the a blotting technique for the light colour (C32) as I did't want the lose too much of the "whip" look with the brush marker.

I put down the red colour first (R17) then the pink colour (R32) to blend the red and also to create the pattern in the frills.

For the yellow I did't blend it over the red/pink because I wanted those colours to stand out. I used a darker yellow first (Y13) and then went over with almost a floor yellow (Y00) so that you could just tell the difference.

So I decided that the tones weren't dark enough for me so I went over the areas I wanted darker with a grey (CG07) then over the grey with the original colours (C18, C15 and C32). Doing this gave me a richer tone in his frills and face.

I went through and drew some this black lines with my art liner 0.2 to add a bit more flair to him as I thought adding them in the beginning would ruin the whole thing as in my experience blending over your black lines will cause them to bleed and a ruin your markers. So if you're going to add smaller detail to a heavily coloured area, do it last. I also put some thicker lines in there so as to create folds in the frills then went under them with a darker yellow (Y19) to make a semi shadow or light source effect.

That's all folks! Hope you've enjoyed your jurassic experience!

Colours used: C18, C15, C32, C13M R17, R32, Y13, Y19, Y00, CG07

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