Monday, 29 June 2015

Fabric painted Calico bags with Felicity

Hello! Felicity here today.

In my studio I have been experimenting with simple ways to use fabric paint. I wanted to create something that was cute and that didn't involve a lot of supplies or a lot of time.
Now having 3 little children to take care of and no spotlight or lincraft in town, I wanted to create something I had stashed away that was collecting dust.

I used 3 supplies
Calico bags
Fabric paint

I decorated, very simple and quickly a few calico bags. I use these bags a lot. There great for when my son wants to give a little 'something' to his mates for a birthday or his school teacher to simple say 'thank you'.

1.First all I did was lay a dottie stencil on the bag.
2.Then I put a small amount of fabric paint on a baby wipe.
3.Then I simply wiped over the stencil with the baby wipe.

I did at first try to use a paint brush and dab it on, but it didn't give me the even layer of paint or affect I wanted as you can see, compared to the other 3 bags.

I think the baby wipe allows the paint to move smoothly because of the little moisture that comes from the baby wipe.

Something so simple, yet effective. Even better the kids can do it too!

Products used: Fabric paint - Oriental blue, Light green, Butter cup
Felicity XO

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