Thursday, 4 June 2015

Meet Guest Designer Sonja Mennhennitt.

Meet Sonja......


Sm Xpressions
Sonja Menhennitt - SM Xpressions

I am an artist in the Scenic Rim, an hour southwest of Brisbane. I work with Acrylics, watercolours, and some mixed media. I am inspired by my strong emotions, as I live every day with Bipolar disorder.

My favourite artist is Vincent Van Gogh, who said "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced"

Don't ever be afraid of the humble paintbrush. Pick it up and just do it.

Using Schmincke products to create golden wonders.

Decide on your composition, and begin with Schmincke PRIMAcryl Classic gold.

Paint around the area to surround the item in gold. This was the first time I had used the gold acrylic and it was very thick... It can easily be thinned down with water.

For the background I mixed Schmincke Tro-Col-Bronze powder in copper shade, with watered down acrylic in purple, maroon and rust red to give life and depth to the canvas

The Tri-Col-Bronze is wonderful to use. It can be mixed with any watered acrylic to create beautiful coppery hues on top of the different colours... It is so easy to work with. You can even use a liner brush with it, for minute details.

I then used the gold acrylic to create the lines and waves at the bottom. To do this, water the gold acrylic down and paint quickly with a big brush.... then grab a smaller brush, wet it well, and then draw it through your gold.

Starting with a layer of gold acrylic, I built up my statue. I use many layers to create the fabric but start with gold and maroon, using a crosshatch action so the gold still comes through.

I also used the watered down gold acrylic to create the patterns on the chair and headdress.

Never enough gold - a few little highlights on her flowers.

I decided the background needed more form, and so, I mixed the gold acrylic with water and the bronzing powder, in different shades, and pushed the colours out in a circular form.

I love what I have been able to do with these products. Just 2 products so far, some acrylic paints and water..

Schmincke PRIMAcryl Classic gold
Schmincke TRO-Col-Bronze powder/Copper

Just one more product completes my lovefest of Schmincke for today...

I have fallen in love with Schmincke AeroColor acrylic ink in turquoise.

When used over colour, it gives the most beautiful opalescent glow. It sits beautifully with gold and bronze, and they are available in 12 metallic special effect ink colours, and 36 regular colours.

I went back to the gold acrylic to create her sun brooch. It is quite thick, and goes a long way.

I haven't quite finished the painting, as I am keeping this one for my own wall, and want to get it perfect. 

I am so very happy with the products I chose for this work.

Make life fun xx

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