Friday, 12 June 2015

A Fairy Fantasy With Schmincke Ink

Fantasy Fairy painted with Schmincke Aero Color Inks

Here are the materials I used for this project
30cm X 30cm primed canvas panel
PVA Craft and Hobby Glue (mine is from Portacraft)
Schmincke Aero Color Inks in Brazil Bown, Cyan, Magenta and White
Spray bottle of water
Assorted Princeton brushes, flat and round, 
Diggers Isopropyl Alcohol Spray
Reference photo to the fairy (optional)
Canson drawing paper
Canson tracing paper
2H Graphite pencil
Heavy dark Graphite pencil
Schmincke Aquarell masking Fluid
Derwent Graphitint Pencil in Port
Baby Wipes
Fine Black permanent marker
White, Gold, Pink gel pens
White and Gold Acrylic Paint

Step 1: To get some texture onto your canvas, first create some swirls with your craft glue and let it dry. Spray the canvas with a water, then add some splotches of Schmincke Aero Colour ink using the dropper, I used Brown and Cyan.
Step 1
Step 2: Spray extra water if required and move your canvas around to get some interesting patterns.
Step 2
Step 3: Spraying your ink with Diggers Isopropyl Alcohol Spray can also give some interesting effects (note how the brown in the centre has gone a bit speckly). Use a brush to move the ink to the edges of the canvas if desired.
Step 3
Step 4: Next I added some splotches of white Shmincke Ink and moved the canvas around to spread it as well as using brush until I was happy with the pattern.
Step 4
Step 5: Whilst your background is drying its time to draw your figure. I like to draw freehand using a photo reference, but you could trace a picture or just use your imagination. I am creating my sketch using a 2H Graphite pencil on Canson Drawing Paper.
Step 5
Step 6: When my drawing was complete I went over it with a fine Black marker and then traced it onto Canson Tracing Paper. I used a dark heavy graphite Pencil and drew heavily on the BACK of my tracing. Then I placed my sketch (Graphite side down) where I wanted it on my canvas. I used a ball point pen, pressing firmly, to trace over my sketch again and transfer the graphite to my canvas.  If the lines are very faint just go over them again so you can see then well enough to paint your figure (I like to use soluble Derwent Graphitint pencil for this).
Step 6
Step 7: Here I am doing some circles in the wings with the Schmincke Aquarell Masking Fluid.
Step 7
Step 8: Next I have taken a fine brush and some gesso and blocked in my figure. I am using the Graphitint pencil (the colour is Port) to begin to add some shadow and colour. Because it is water-soluble it will activate with the gesso.
Step 8
Step 9: More work with the gesso, see how I have created texture with the brush strokes to detail to the wing. Make sure your asking Fluid is dry before you paint over it.
Step 9
Step 10: To begin painting the figure I have used a mixture of Brown, White and Magenta Schmincke Aero Colour Inks for the skin tone. You can use a small palette to mix the colours, but they will also mix together beautifully on the canvas.
Step 10
Step 11: I am adding more white ink where the skin would be lighter and leaving it darker where there would be shade.
Step 11
Step 12: For the hair I am also using Brown and Magenta inks and blending them on the canvas..
Step 12
Step 12
Step 13: I am using the  same colours for the wings, but in different qualities, so she will be beautifully monochromatic.
Step 13
Step 14: I've added some Gesso to the back ground.
Step 14
Step 15: Then softened if off by using a baby wipe to remove some of the paint.
Step 15
Step 16: I am using a fine tip, permanent Black marker to add in some detail to the face and hair.
Step 16
Step 17: Next I have rubbed off the masking fluid and used a White Signo Uniball gel pen to add some detail and hi-light to the wings, face and hair.
Step 17
Step 18: Lightening up the skin a bit more with white ink.
Step 18
Step 19: Going back in again with Black marker to define areas on the face, body, hair and wings.
Step 19
Step 20: Now I want to create some shadow on the ground where she is sitting so she does't look like she is floating in mid air. I am using the Brown ink.
Step 20
Step 21: Adding Blue ink and blending with the Brown creates shades of green.
Step 21
Step 22: I used the Graphitint Pencil to draw in the wine glass and bottle. I used magenta ink for the red  wine, and added hi-light to the glass with the white gel pen.
Step 22
Step 23: I've added more magenta ink to the edges of the wing. To make the shades or purple in the background (see on the left) I've used magenta and cyan inks. The brown and cyan have made the extra dark areas in the background.
Step 23
Step 24: I am wanting her face to stand out a bit more so i am using some white acrylic paint to really hi-light the area around her face. I've used Gold Gel pen to draw in jewellery and crown.
Step 24
Step 25: Finally a little bit of Pink gel pen on the lips. Some Gold acrylic paint and a really fine Princeton brush to really make those jewels stand out, and some white gel pen to hi-light. There is also a little gold gel pen on the glass and bottle to show them glowing the the light. 
My Fantasy Fairy done with Schmincke Inks on a canvas panel.
I love Wine Fairies, I hope you like them too!

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