Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lets Get Graphic! - Pebeo Porcelain 150 Black Marker Magic.

Let's be honest, I'm not a fan of white anything, especially when it comes to plates bowls all types of crockery, being an artist I like visual stimulation, and white plates and platters just don't do it for me!
So today I am going to funk them up a little using a single item.

1 Black Pebeo 150 Porcelain Marker (if you want thicker, just use the Pot of Black Pebeo Porcelain Paint and a paintbrush of your choice).

What I first did was head into my Sketchbook and started making patterns and sketching out ideas you could also do this on a piece of paper but I like to collect my thoughts inside my sketchbook.
Once I had a general idea I used a dark 8b pencil to get some form of straight line ( I can never get straight even with a ruler, its been this way all my life!)

I wanted to create visual interest with minimal effort! something that was simple enough that anyone could do this to their own plates and platters. Once you are happy with your design you simply get your Pebeo Porcelain marker and away you go!

 (Tip) I pump the pen off on a paint palette to get the paint flowing nicely.

I am a person who likes the look of imperfect handmade items. I like my stuff to look a little left of center, which is why these bold patterns really make me smile, I know they aren't straight, I know this, and I embrace it and love it!

It's amazing how simple lines, can make such an impact to the white surface. Some of the designs I just free formed, when I made a mistake I got a Q-Tip with some Methylated Spirits on it, and erased what I didn't like. 

Creating patterns on only half of your dish is also a great way to add interest, simple dot pattern made my little plate quite adorable!

I loved how my plates and bowls turned out, I'm going to be using them to put my jewellery on.
 The result of a few lines and a black porcelain pen is some unique and bold statement pieces for your collection! I added a wash of watered down turquoise porcelain paint on the little flower ring bowl to try something a little different, and I love that look as well!
Once you are happy with your designs, let them set for 24 hours then pop them in the oven for 35 minutes at 150 degrees and they are good to go!

In my next post, we are going to be attacking white items again, but creating beautiful watercolour effects on our plates and bowls. Stay tuned for that one!
Courtney Diaz

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