Friday, 5 June 2015

Coral the Barrier Reef Mermaid.


The Great Barrier Reef Mermaid. 

As you may be aware it is World EnvironmentDay. And the recent debate about our very own Great Barrier Reef and it's sad decline in marine health has me, and I am sure yourselves, a little more aware of how we impact our environment. 

With this in mind, who's to say that our mermaid species isn't suffering as well. But seriously, our waterways and Bays are impacted in so many ways. I hope that this quirky take on World Environment Day may be a reminder of how we all have a responsibility to the environment. 

Now….. For this project you will be needing: Pre-washed calico, 6B-9B pencils, Canson tracing paper, Pebeo SetaSkrib+ Fluoro and Basics sets, Permanent waterproof black .05marker, White Setacolor Opaque, Princeton Round #1 paintbrush, an iron and sewing machine plus some scrap fabric.

Let's get started.

Begin drawing out your pattern shape on some paper. Once you're happy with that, grab your Canson tracing paper and your 6B or 9B pencil (these is nice and soft and transferable). Be sure to trace in a slightly heavy hand. Flip the image over onto your calico and trace over or rub with an implement to transfer your image onto your fabric. NOTE… This image can of course be transferred onto a bag or t-shirt. Whatever you choose. 

Next step… adding the scales. I found it much easier drawing a line from point to point and drawing the scales in from the centre out. 

Let's start playing with our fabulous markers now. I had a scrap of fabric nearby at all times to practice my blending of colour and in choosing what colours to use. 

Once you're happy with the colours , begin at the top of the tail and in downward strokes, blend your colour. Do the same from the bottom and blend upward, meeting in the middle with your two colours.Don't be afraid. This is not hard. And once you have practiced this on some scrap fabric, you'll be so confidant you'll want to create all kinds of blends. I found these markers VERY compatible with this technique. The hair is done in the same way. Only using yellow, orange and red. I did add some fluoro colours for extra 'oomph'. I liked it. See what you think. 

Fluorescent blue and green blend in towards each other.

Here's how it will look after blending.

Now for some fluoro orange to make it all blend and pop.

It needs some depth so a dash of red works wonders.

Draw in your facial features. Fluoro pink and red on the lips works very nicely.

Fluoro blue and deep bleu blended on the tail

Using your permanent marker in a .05 tip to outline the curls etc

A touch of purple adds some depth and shadow.

With a few dots here and there in contrasting colours in her hair and tail, you find she really comes to life. 
Of course, a glisten in her eyes with some Opaque white Setacolor paint makes all the difference.  

If you choose to make a doll, I found some scrap fabric  at our local recycling shop for her baking, and once stitched together, you only need to stuff and trim.Joining the tail and body with a focal bead just makes her a little more interesting and glittery in this case.
AGAIN> PLEASE remember to iron your doll/
t-shirt before sewing and washing in order to make all your hard work permanent.

I hope you found these techniques useful in making something that you are proud of. Don't forget to practice your blending and don't be afraid to add the odd spots . Once you have played with your markers you'll be ready to make a statement. Even adding this to a t-shirt and wearing her with pride all year round with perhaps a little reference to keeping our world and waterways clean.
Happy World Environment Day everyone. 
Let's see what we can do to help our planet. 
Till we meet again…

Happy creating
Kerry Sinigaglia


  1. Brilliant idea, I love her kerry!

  2. She is so adorable, I want to make my own...right now!!