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Fruity Tuity Glass Bottles!

Fruity Tuity Glass Bottles! 

I love this little tutorial because it requires so little materials! It's literally a packet of glass bottles (which I bought from Kmart, for I believe less than $5 for a set of six!) and Pebeo Vitrea 160 marker pens. Even then, I only use two or three colours with each design. A great little wind-down design!
They're perfect for fruit punches and adding a cute little straw at a party, or holding flowers, smoothies! Whatever you want really!

  Just to demonstrate the designs, I created these cute little Mepxy Marker drawings. I think that everything in miniature size is unbelievably adorable! 

 You could alternatively create this tutorial on a glass tumbler. I made this a while ago and it's been a huge hit with visitors

You will need:
  • 1 x Packet of the Vitrea 160 Markers
    • OR the following colours:
      • Bengal Pink
      • Emerald
      • Paprika
      • Yellow Sun
      • Pepper Red
      • Amber Brown
      • Sandalwood Green
      • Black
  • 4 x Small Bottles (Kmart)
  • Tissues (In case of mistakes)

 Before we begin, don't forget to wash your glasses in hot soppy water and then dry them really well. Plus maybe wash your hands so you don't get any oils onto the glasses because it may affect the durability of the paint down the track.


 Colours Used: 
Bengal Pink, Emerald, Black.
Firstly, make sure your glass is well cleaned and take out your Black marker pen.

You may need to shake it and press the nib a few times to load up your pen with the ink. You'll then want to make a pizza slice looking shape. Or a watermelon looking shape considering that's what it is... ha-ha!

Then, you can take out your Emerald green colour.

And draw in a thick line at the top of the shape. You may need to go back and forth over the line while it's still really wet to build up the colour. But once you've let it dry for a little while, don't go over it until it's fully dry, otherwise you'll lift up the paint.

Now take out your Bengal Pink. (What a cool marker name!)

And colour in the remaining section of the shape. I had to go over it a few times to build up this colour.

Just be careful if you have a lot of paint on your glass that you lay it down flat to dry so it doesn't all rush into one spot. Now, once it's completely dry, take your black marker.

And starting from the point of the watermelon, work your way up to the top, making the seeds smaller as you go along.



Colours used:
Paprika, Yellow Sun, Amber Brown, Black.

Take out your weapon of choice. (Black marker recommended.)

Draw the very complex half-circle shape.

Then take out your Paprika colour.

And divide the half-circle down the middle and then again with each half so you have quarters and then paint an orange stripe along the curve.

Once that has had some time to dry, you can take out your Sun Yellow marker.

And fill in the gaps!

This is optional, but to give the skin some depth, you can use the Amber brown marker and go over the orange skin colour.

I also used it to create some curves on the corners of the segments.

Once that has had some time to dry, you can use your black marker again for the seeds.

 I put a seed in each segment and the middle.



Colours used: 
Sandalwood green and Emerald Green.

Take out your black marker... again!

Following my guide, or your own, just draw some grapes and the stalk. It's nice to have the bunch be slightly skewed!

Now you can take your Emerald green and colour in the stalk.

That was tough. You need to make a cup of tea now.

 Now you've had your tea, take out your Sandalwood green.

To create this effect I colour each circle in a circular fashion and when I lift off the glass it leaves a little blob behind which is rather cute!

And you're done! One more to go!


Colours used:
Pepper Red, Sandalwood Green, Black.

Take out your black marker.

Draw the Strawberry shape, or maybe even a few strawberries! Whatever you'd like!

Now, when that's dry, you can use your Sandalwood green.

Colour in the leaves.

Now for the fun colour! Use the Pepper red to fill in the Strawberry!

You may need a few layers of the paint, or a thick layer that you then rest laying down. 

You can then take out your black marker for the final time and draw in the seeds!

 You'll definitely want to make sure the paint is dry when you do this final layer.

All done!

Well... nearly!

Wait until the paint is completely dry (24 hours is a safe bet, to avoid air bubbles coming up when you bake it) and then bake it at 160 degrees in a conventional oven for 40 minutes and you're done!

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