Thursday, 30 April 2015

Pop Art Inspired Photographs!

Let's face it, we are continuously taking photographs,  our phones and computers are overflowing with photographs! and yet not many of us do anything with them...I on the other hand am the opposite, I use photographs in my artwork, and in my journals. I think what is the point of taking them if we don't use them! I call it where art and life collide. As you see below, photogarphs in my journals is one of my very favourite things to use!

Today I am using the Mepxy Design Markers to tint some black and white photographs to make them more quirky and fun for my journal.
As you see, I use photographs all through out my journals, I love documenting our life and my own with photos and then incorporating them into my journals is a big passion for me.

So I sat down and thought about how I could manipulate my photographs without the use of photoshop.

So I printed out some photographs but made them black and white. I always print my own photographs at home as the size I want is a lot smaller than general sizes you can order through photo printing companies.

I grabbed the vibrant Mepxy Design Markers and started colouring. Colouring in has become a huge craze lately so why not colour in your photographs!
with just two markers, I made my simple little black and white photograph into a little bit of poppy colour art! Because you already have the shading int the photo the marker just accentuates the natural shading in the images, and makes it look like you did a lot more shading work than you actually did!
 Making a self portrait look silly and fun is pretty simple, big bright cheeks! I also decided to colour in my scarf! I love how the Imperial Yellow marker looked on my knitted attire!

Using markers on your photos is simple and really effective for something different! if you are a project life person, you could totally do some pop art photos in your spreads to change it up! I adore how these photos looked once I was done playing

I took it a step further aswell, I wanted to use my stencil to do a little bit of text on one of the photographs and the black design marker was perfect for it

These are just simple little steps to make your photographs unique unlike anyone elses.

I grabbed some bright corresponding washii tape from my stash and taped them down into my journal, then decided it needed some more colour, it was then I turned to the primary yellow Aerocolour acrylic ink, now this is the absolute first time I've used these inks, and oh my goodness I should have tried them sooner! They were so bright and so easy to move over the pages of my journal! I will have to create a blog post purely to worship the inks! For now they are a sidekick in the journal spread.

The bright yellow was perfect for the photographs!

Now all I need to do is write a journal entry! 

So do you think its time for you to have a look at your photographs? Make them a little more unique, get the markers onto your photographs and experiment! Create some pop art prints for any occassion! 

Take care and I'll see you next month! 
x Courtney 


  1. Hi Courtney. These are great! What did you use to apply the acrylic ink?

    1. Just a normal paintbrush my dear easy as pie!

  2. Great idea Courtney. Can't wait to try it!

  3. We're the pictures printed on glossy or matte?