Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Full Steampunk Ahead...Art Apron

                                  Full Steampunk Ahead

                                         Pebeo SetaSkrib and SetaColor Opaque paints.

                                                                      Art Apron
Suplies: Setacolor Opaque in white, oriental blue, cornflower, cherry red,orange, buttercup.
SetaSkrib fabric markers form the basic and regular sets. 
Princeton stencil brushes
Princeton round tip brush size 4
Black apron 
Stencils in a steampunk theme watch parts etc

So what is steampunk. Think of it as a mix of sci-fi, sanitary, the industrial revolution, the age of steam power and a plethora of mad, moustached inventors in their top bowler hats and monocles creating weird and wonderful mechanical objects and flying machines. 

I find it a very inspiring and fantastical theme. Your imagination is the driver of your creations, so I decided to label myself an IMAGINEOLOGIST. As  artists we are free to  create the weird wild and amazing and this project is just an extension of that. I hope you have fun with it . So let's go…

Here I taped down a framelet stencil at the top centre
 of the apron, and beginning from the centre and working outward, stippled on the white paint .
stencil brushsize 6 and Setacolor white

Using a variety of stencils, continue stippling on white Setacolor paint.
I used different sizes and fit them kind of like a jigsaw.

Pencil in a circle and draw an eye in
 the top centre frame we first stencilled.
Using the black SetaSkrib marker,
colour the pupil and outline the lid.

Continue adding colours.
 Darker blues add depth.

Using the fluro green marker and the
fluro blue, add layers of colour to the pupil.

here I added black marker to the outer
 edges of the eyelid to create dimension.
Add the 'sparkle' in the eye with white.

A touch of blue , then black help with depth.
Remember to blend while west with a wet brush.

Bow by using the purple marker,
add shadow around the lid.
Blend colour which a wet brush.

A light layer go black ,  and add a little
more white as the highlight on the lid.
Keep going with your markers till you are happy.
Adding layers of the translucent markers
is one of my favourite things. See how the colours vary,
depending  on the colour underneath.

With a light hand, add a little of the red
to the lid. This unites the piece.

Moustache stencil, Princeton stencil brush
and  red and orange Seaclor.
Just under the eye you just painted .
You just gotta have wings.
Red and yellow SetColor add a real pop.
Go a little wild with your markers.
Adding 'scribbles of colour and blend with wet brush.

Keep adding shadow and highlights.
More marker 'scribble' in the colours used
 throughout the piece  unify the colours.

Below the 'moe' I wanted to add a banner..
A nice mix of Oriental blue an white. 
Princeton roundtrip size 4
Cornflower blue and some strokes
of colour in the pupil.

Black SetaSkrib marker in hand, I  added my
Imagineologist title. 

This is how it looks so far.
See how the splashes of colour  brings it all together.

Where will your imagination take you?

                                                                    So till next time…
                                                               Happy creating my friends.
                                                                     Kerry Sinigaglia


  1. I want to do something like this on my old black paint splattered apron, thanks Kerry for the idea <3

  2. I want to do something like this on my old black paint splattered apron, thanks Kerry for the idea <3

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Kerry. I lve the colours, so vibrant and a great design too!

  4. Oh my GOODNESS! This is incredible Kerry!!!!