Saturday, 25 April 2015

An Artist's Tool - Keep a sketchbook.

As an artist, we sometimes get stuck in a rut, where we feel that we are not growing or just churning out the same art, I would know this as a few weeks ago I felt just that, I felt that my art wasn't getting any better or worse but I was making and drawing the same things over and over, and it made me slump.
The push to make wonderful finished pages has burnt me out a little, and I decided to start embracing a daily sketchbook. To push myself artistically and to challenge my hands to start drawing new things., create new ideas. Instead of trying hard to put together full finished pages, I focused on learning new things!
A sketchbook is a tool, and a very valuable one at that, a sacred place where nothing is judge, pages are plenty. You can create, explore and test your skills daily between the pages of a sketchbook.
Nothing needs to be pristine, finished or perfect, it is a haven for growth.

 Even before this design team, I worked in canson Sketchbooks, I have many, and if I felt that I didn't want a generic one I could buy from the art supply store, I made my own, using various papers, a little bit of everything to satisfy my want for custom made. Every signature a different paper, to keep things interesting.

But when I want to just draw and not worry, I turn to my big sketchbook that is heavy and thick with pages, and I draw and draw each day to progress in my art. I do not judge my work in my sketchbook for it is just practice, and we all know the saying practice makes perfect.

I paste images that inspire me, reference photos of things I want to try and draw later, tutorials letter guides all for the art of practice.
I implore you to buy a sketchbook, or make your own to start your daily drawing practice. Or even if you are a beginner and say you 'can't draw' I insist you buy a sketchbook and just put pencil to paper daily in some way shape or form, for you will see as the days go on that you will improve. Art is a learned skill, anyone can learn it, you just have to have the drive to keep going.

Enjoy your sketchbooks


  1. I loved seeing your variety of journals and sketchbooks Courtney. And every word you said is true.

  2. A Sketchbook is suc a valuable tool. Thanks for bring it to light Courtney