Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mepxy Marker Drawing - Elsa from Frozen

Elsa Mepxy Marker Drawing

By Natalie Wyatt
Hey all! Natalie here!

So I've got for you today a video tutorial of this Elsa Mepxy marker drawing. 
I completed this drawing for experimentation as I wanted to try layering colours to create a semi-realistic piece. As often I would mainly use the markers for cartoon cell shading.
I learnt heaps while making this and I hope you do too, or you feel inspired watching!

The video gives you steps and tips to drawing as well as listing the different colours I used to shade this drawing. I used a combination of the Brush markers (white casing) and Design markers (grey casing) for this drawing but all the colours can be bought in either range. :)

Below is a grid with all the Mepxy colours available.  


Please send us your work or anything that you create! Thanks for watching!
Natalie Wyatt