Friday, 24 April 2015

Letter Journals with Peta, Pebeo paints and Mepxy Markers

Hello Peta here again today. I though today I would introduce you all to a project I created last year called the Letter Journal Project. It's a small art journal swap where the emphasis is on 'lightweight' and it fits into a standard business size envelope. Traditionally we use copier paper in these journals to keep the weight down. This then present it's own challenges. How do we work on thin paper and also keep our heavy collage and no lumpy bumpy out of the picture?

That being said, I have found the Letter Journal Project to be extremely rewarding this last year. I have a full journal, where each letter journal is a signature. Here's my Letter Journal book for 2014.

So today I'm working in a letter journal that had a few blank pages in it that I wanted to have some fun with. I'm using pebeo acrylic paints with glazing medium and some old book pages and mepxy markers for a little contrast. 

Have lots of fun with the video, I did making it!


  1. I love your little birds and reminding us that we all have a song to sing. Thanks for sharing Peta.