Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mepxy Max 6th Edition


Deer Crystal

BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Markers

Good evening everybody and welcome to another Mepxy Max edition. This tute I will be using primarily pastel colours! I love this pallet, you can create so much diversity and depth with just 2 - 3 colours. Lets get started.

So for starters I draw my image with pencils then go over with a black art liner of your choice, doesn't have to be black though! In fact doing it in corresponding colour art liners would look lovely, wish I had thought of that earlier now.

Next step is to choose your colours and get to colouring! I chose a mix of greens, purples blues and pinks as I think they look really nice together.

Instead of my usual blending routine I use a flicking motion creating a clear edge to my colours. Using darkest to lightest I flick to colours out to make the shards look more crystal like then coming in with the lights colour and shading over then whole area. I continued this process over the whole deer and if needed I darken areas which i thought needed contrasting to create more depth.


Colours used:  P31, P00, V06, V15, V12, M02, M11, M21, C02, C01, C13, G00, G02, B01


  1. I love this style of artwork. And deers are a favourite. Good tip on the crystal effect. Thanks for sharing Ash.

  2. Great technique and I love the result Ash