Wednesday, 15 April 2015

An afternoon of Art Decodance



                                             With Pebeo Vitrea160


Want the look of enamel jewellery but without the fuss. Here's a little secret. Get the same look with Pebeo Vitrea160 Brilliant Glass paints. Here's a little bracelet I whipped up in the Art-Deco style.So easy and very eye-catching. Let me show you just how simple it can be. 

SUPPLIES: Pebeo Vitrea160 Glass Paints in Oriental green, Sun Yellow, Turquoise, Pimento Red and Anise. 
Jewellery supplies:  spacer beads, clasp, headpins, jump rings and your focal beads. Pliers and wire cutters .
Paint brushes, fine tip and flat, rubbing alcohol, cotton buds or clean cloth and wooden scewers.

Let's get started. …..
Stand your painted beads aside to dry.
 Give a second coat if neccessary.

With your colours, begin by painting a layer onto
your spacer beads with a flat brush.
Using the skewers so as to make the painting
and drying of the beads easier.

Move onto your focal beads.
The more delicate the pattern ,the more colours you
can add for effect.
Fil in the spaces with your fine tip brush and be sure to
wipe off any messy edges or 'spill' with a cotton tip or cloth and a little rubbing alcohol.
Once allowed the recommended 24hrs drying time,
the beads can be baked as per instructions.
After that, it's just a matter of deciding which coloured
 spacer beads go where and you're ready to assemble.

Now you have you're very own faux-neamel piece to show off.
I hope you enjoyed this project  and are tempted to give it a try. It really is that easy.

Till next time


  1. Stunning Kerry! I love that we can tailor make our jewellery to suit an cool! Great tutorial!