Saturday, 18 April 2015

Painted Suitcase ~ Setacolour & SetaSkrib with Michelle

Have you ever got to the airport and can't find your suitcase in a hurry? Well these Pebeo Setacolour and SetaSkrib Fabric Paints are a perfect solution to personalize your luggage.
You don't have to just paint a picture, simple splats, or using stencils or you can create zentangle patterns, you are only limited by your imagination.

Start with any Suitcase.

Pencil your design onto the luggage.  If you are painting onto a black suitcase you might want to use a white pencil to draw your design.

To make a skin colour I have combined pink, white and a little yellow of the setacolours.
I add a little to my hand as a skin colour reference.

Paint the first layer over the face, then I added a little black to the skin colour to add some shadows.

After some shading colour in the eyes with white and the lips with pink.

Allow to dry (I ironed it at this step) Then take the SetaSkrib to colour in the iris's.

Take the Black SetaSkrib to colour in the pupil and to line along the eyelash line.

I used some pencils to add a little more detail and shading.

I used a lighter colour to outline the hair.

Then Painted the hair first in black then added brown over the top.

Add some white to create some highlights and also to paint a crown. I created the crown to include the silver pieces on the luggage.

Use a Pipette to add some splatters over the front of the suitcase. I covered the face for this step.

Add some more detail to the face and lashes, I used a mix of the Setacolours, SetaSkrib's and pencils.

I hope you enjoy this project, if you decorate your luggage we would love to see them over at the Crafty Crusaders Blog:)


  1. Awesome idea and absolutely amazing, I love this!

  2. That looks fantastic Michelle! Will have to go and find me some of these products to try! :)

    1. Hi Tanya, you should be able to get them at Spotlight :)

  3. OMGosh Michelle is there anything you can't do, she is stunning

  4. Gor-jussssssss! She is delicate and sweet