Friday, 10 April 2015

Cute little Tomato dish using Pebeo Porcelain Markers

My most favourite dinner is antipasto or cheese, crackers dip and olives (maybe a glass or two of red), so I always have some cute little dishes around to put in some of the various bits and pieces in a snuggle down with my boys (luckily they also love this dinner - skipping the wine of course ;).

This little dish was inspired by one of my artworks which has these gorgeous red juicy tomatoes. I really wanted this to be a quick and easy one and I love using markers, so the Pebeo Porcelaine Markers were the obvious choice.

Firstly i started by marking out the outline (bottom left pic). The thing i really like about these if your not confident in your drawing skills you don't need to be worried as any marks you make can be wiped off really easily. I used a cotton bud to erase lines I no longer needed and then just marked them out again with the red marker! Super quick and easy.

Next I  marked out the stem and the lighter area of the tomatoes with the orange marker. I knew that I was going to leave the hightlight from the tomatoes white (ie. i wasn't going to use a white paint over the top) so I just matched from my reference drawing where this was going to go.
Next I filled in the areas of the tomatoe with a combination of red and brown markers. I made sure I worked quickly in this area to blend the two colours together so they kinda blurred. I used "short strokes" and cross hatching with the various marker colours all the way around until I got the depth that I was looking for in the shape of the tomatoe.

I noted that if you go over an area whilst its almost dry it will scratch off, so I thought it best to wait until the whole thing with dry before I added any more layers. So whilst this bit was drying I went around the top of the bowl with a cute little pattern of just a line and a dot (because if there are things in the dish all you would be able to see is the edge anyway so its good to make this a bit cute! :)

I then dabbed the nib a bit to expel excess paint and then blended that around the areas of the tomatoe where I wanted it to be really quite dark. I guess the lesson to be learnt here is that you can just keep going with these for a bit as long as you go easy and have a bit of drying time in between.

Once this was totally dry I then added a few final touches here and there, and presto, a super cute quick little dish just asking for some dip to put into ready for my next night in.

Hope you enjoyed it, Cheers!


  1. That pattern around the edge just tops it off. Fab!

  2. Wow...those tomatoes look good enough to eat! Great effects with the markers Belinda!