Thursday, 19 February 2015

To the Galaxy and BEYOND!

Currently trending right now are Galaxies, they are absolutely everywhere from home wares to art to fashion, the bright and beautiful galaxies are showing up in all sorts of places, including our blog!

Today we are going to take a Black cotton T-shirt and turn it into a walking galaxy this technique should work on just about any fabric surface! I will be attempting to make my own scarf later on this week.

Today we are working with fabric paints from Pebeo Setacolor in the opaque range.
Other Supplies used in this project
Black Cotton Tshirt/top
Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint in opaque I used all the colours featured in this image.
Household bleach
Paint Brush
Paper plates - to put your paint on
Spray Bottle
Sea Sponge
Foam Brush
Iron (to set the paint before washing)

If you are using a brand new item of clothing, throw it in the wash and wash it before using these paints, as the sizing and whatever else that is added to new clothes can become a resist for the paints.
(I washed my item after the bleaching process)

First I wanted to create a speckled effect to use as a spring board, I didn't want to go straight in with paint as I knew it would become to uniform looking and all my research on galaxy images they aren't uniform they are whimsical and delicate at the same time.
I grabbed my spray bottle and added some bleach and a little water together and tested the spray on the inside of my shower door to make sure I got a soft mist instead of heavy drops, once I was happy with the spray I then put my shirt onto a paint table that I'm not precious about

These images show how the bleach is reacting on the black top.

I put the paint onto paper plates. Each plate held a different colour, I also added white to each colour to soften it.

I then Grabbed my sea sponge and loaded it up with paint, you might want to dab off the excess paint to make it not so over powering all over, you want it to be a random effect as galaxies are just that random and beautiful.
I went in with the pink first and built up other colours.

I also used other tools to build up colour, I used a foam brush and did some dry brushing to diffuse the colour in places that I didn't want huge amounts of colour but more subtle look.

This is a close up of the soft shading of dry brushing with the foam applicator, it was soft enough that the bleach specs could still be seen through. I like the light washes it created.

Build up as much or as little colour as you'd like, this part is personal preference, I suggest getting a few images of galaxies you admire and just try recreating them loosely onto the fabric. 

There is no right or wrong with galaxies! I did go in with black and break up those big blocks of colour down in the right hand corner as I felt they looked too deliberate.

Once I was happy with the colour distribution I then went in with the tip of my paintbrush (the handle end) and made little bright white stars in various places, some little clusters and some just on their own to make the look organic. I had to restrain myself at this stage from covering it in little white dots cause I loved them!

Once you are happy with how your garment looks, you then iron it to heat set the paints so its good for washing! I just used an old towel over my top and cranked the heat setting to high one I knew no paint would transfer I removed the towel and then just ironed the top as normal. Ive also washed this time before the below image was taken and nothing has moved!

I hope you take the time to make your own galaxy print! I will be doing a scarf next! 

Enjoy creating other worlds on your clothing! I certainly did!

Bye for now


  1. Love it! Fabulous Tutorial Courtney! Love this technique. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. Oh dear goodness me i want this now

  3. I'm definitely going to make myself one of these. Fantastic tutorial Courtney.

  4. This is spectacular Courtney, I can definitely see a scarf on my horizon!