Sunday, 15 February 2015

No more white plates...

So I have been a long time lover of Porcelaine 150 paint.. It is the perfect lazy sunday afternoon activity with the kids, birthday party activity or last minute christmas present.

The Porcelaines 150 come in pots or in pens... personally I love the pens because you can pump the nozzle onto a transparency and then dip a paintbrush in the puddle and paint and you still have the luxury of writing with the nib... win win in my books

Step 1

Today I opened my cupboard and sighed 'Ahhhhhhh so many blank canvases what to draw on!'
 in my case a very boring white platter and  a selection of Pebeos Porcelaines150


Step 2

I love to experiment with what I have in my stash and I love it when tools become multifunctional.. like - Stamps.

So I pumped a little bit of paint from the pen onto a transparency and the quickly rubbed the stamp into the puddle


and then I stamped the image onto the platter.... it transferred beautifully and remember you can always touch it up with the pen if some areas are a little faint.

******please note this is experimental - and the porcelains are deceivingly quick drying so immediately clean the stamp with a stamp cleaner

Step 3.... the fun starts!!!

I love watercolours and the movement and consistency of them so on that transparency sheet I poured a little of the Diluant Thinner and mixed in a tiny amounts of paint..

The Diluant makes the paint slip along the surface of the plate beautifully and you can tilt it and manipulate the direction it runs... remember we are not after a perfect plate with neat painting... we want to achieve a loose water colour feel to the plate.

Continue to add colours. remember to let them air dry a little she adding different colours... I kid you not it is about a 40 second drying time in summer!


As a final detail to make your bird pop add little white highlights in his eyes.... he instantly doesn't look flat anymore...

Step 4..... experimenting continues. 

We can use masks as well!!!! 

you will need to decant a little paint onto the transparency and then use a foam pad, hold the stencil in place and dab the colour on..

remember to clean the stencil asap!

Step 5 - it is complete

Time to bake it as per the directions...

So I hope a whole world of inspiration opened up with using these amazing products ...

May your world become suddenly Porcelaine Colourful...

cheers naomi x

PS and just in case you thought I was joking about painting everything.... hmmmmm nope the kids are enjoying waking up to see what has been painted overnight.



  1. these are fabulous and would make such gorgeous gifts, especially with your beautiful designs on them Naomi!

  2. So super awesome Naomi.It looks so simple how can we not give it a go ?

  3. These all look amazing!!!! You have the sweetest plates in Australia!!!