Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Art Deco Delight.

                  Art Deco Delight 

                              Pebeo glass paint markers and liners

  Well. Can you believe it? February already.
  And my diary is filling up every day with projects and arty get-togethers.
 But first, let me share my debut project as part of the  Crafty Crusaders DT.

 For this project I used the following products and supplies.
  • a shadow box picture frame from a dollar store ( NOT just a shadow box)
  • Pebeo Vitrea160 glossy markers in the following colours:Yellow Sun,Amber Brown, Paprika & Pepper Red.
  • Pebeo Vitrea160 frosted marker in ; Lemon, Aniseed Green, Mint, Azure Blue, Gitane Blue & Nuetral
  • Vitrea Porcelain 150 Cloisonné outliner in Anthracite(black)
  • porcelaine 150 marker  0.7mm in black
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cotton buds
  • cotton gloves
  • images purchased for project  

 The first step is to carefully remove the glass and clean with rubbing alcohol so as to remove any dirt or oils. Hence the wearing of cotton gloves for this is a must to avoid finger marks. Once cleaned, place the glass as desired over your chosen images, or as in my case, images, and begin tracing with your porcelain cloisonné outliner. For the fiddly bits where the image becomes tight, I used my fine porcelain marker. Note; taping down the edges with a little masking tape helps prevent the glass from moving.

Traced image 

Sharpen untidy lines with a wooden skewer
 Now the real fun begins.
Using the colours you like, begin filling in the outlined areas. I chose to keep my girl in similar colours to contrast with the background, but you can do whatever feels right to you. Shake your marker first, and if they're new, press down on the nib to get the paint flowing.

Images, markers and liners

As you may notice from the image, that the girl appears to be left blank. She is actually filled in with the Neutral frosted marker whack is magic once baked.

Any overlap of paint  can be cleaned up with a little alcohol on a cue tip before filling in the next space.This will prevent your colours from mixing.
After you have completed your piece, you must allow 24hours for drying before baking for 40min in the oven at 160ºC.

As you may see from the image below left , I had a change of heart with some of the colours once baked. So I put my problem solving skill to use, and decided it was power tool time. PLEASE….this was only for my benefit, so by no means feel that you have to try this, but I'll show you anyway.

SAFETY requirement for working like this on glass are essential if you do feel you would like to try this. A pair of protective goggles, a face mask to prevent glass dust being breathed in, and heavy duty gloves are needed. After attaching my ball tip diamond bit to my Dremel tool, I carefully worked away at the colour and gave it an engraved/frosted effect.

NOTE: The frosted neutral marker will give you the same effect.

The glass before removing some colour
Ball tip diamond bit at work

Now all that is left to do is to pop your gorgeous new creation into the shadow box and hang it on the wall or a window cill to admire. ( I found it worked much better without the back panel put in as the light can come through.

I hope you enjoyed this project and I'll be seeing you again soon. 
Happy crafting.

Kerry Sinigaglia


  1. I totally enjoyed this how-to Kerry! You made it look very easy and lots of fun :-)

    1. Thanks so very much Lynne, I hope you give it a try sometime. :)

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  3. Kerry, this must look stunning at night with a light shining through it! great tutorial!