Saturday, 14 February 2015

Time to Believe in Love - Mepxy Markers and Canson Paper

Today being Valentines Day is often a day we can love on the mind. 

Feeling gratitude for the things that I have in my life and practicing things that I love to do is one of the things that I try to regularly do to be filled up and have more love to give.


Today I was lucky to spend some time having a play with these Mepxy markers on Canson drawing paper. I have briefly had a play with these markers before, but this is the first time I have done a project with them. Like with most new products I always find it useful to do some colour swatches like the above on the paper I am going to work on get familiar with how the colours behave on this surface.   

I knew I wanted to try out some type of lettering for this project a bit like I would normally do in an art journal. I think its important to show that sometimes I really don't have a set project in mind. I have an idea, and I have played around with faces using the markers a few weeks ago but I really just wanted to try something different for this one and see where it came up.

So i started out by marking my lettering out in pencil on the paper.

 I also chose out 2-3 colours from my colour range and tested them for each "colour block" i wanted to put down.  So for the Purple lettering I played around with "Light Violet & Rose Bud" on a test piece of paper to see if I was happy with how those two colours blended together.

Then i started with my darkest colour first for the shading of each letter and then blended it with the lighter colour. I was careful to do just one section at a time so that they didn't dry out. I love how the markers blended together I did this for the majority the elements on my page for the block colours of my proje as per the below. 

Next i moved onto adding in my details, I did this with layers of orange, yellow and brown coloured pencils.

I also added a light shadow with Mepxy "Cloud Cream" around the outside of the flower.
Then I used the Mepxy colourless blender to blend the pencil layers together which is a technique I often do in my pencil drawings, and then add more pencil again over the top to get a vibrant colour.
Finally i finished it off with a white gel pen for little white details and a little bit of brown pencil in certain areas.

I did this same process with the lettering  and you can see here a close up of the marker underneath with a detail of the pencil over the top.

For the love hearts I followed a different process where I didn't use any pencil just used the markers and some white gel pen and red pen to achieve a really quick and simple cute heart. For the green heart I simply blended different marker colours together and did some dots around the edges with a pen. 

The basic range of Mepxy markers have such a vibrant colour saturation, it was fantastic to just get some colour down really quickly so vibrantly and I do have to say i did really love the "Brush" tips in the pastels range, this is one of the reasons i really wanted to do cursive writing like this. I just love working with that brush tip.

I also really enjoyed working on the Canson Drawing paper for this project. I have tried the markers on a few surfaces and they had great results but this paper has just a nice amount of texture and thickness to hold the markers whilst still allowing them to blend. I personally enjoy working on thicker papers in general so this one was a really nice fit.

So today, my project outcome was ok, but for me its not about the outcome. It's the enjoyment of playing, experimenting and BELIEVING in the process to see what comes up. It's loving the time that you have and knowing that tomorrow will be more love and playing especially with these Mepxy markers on this Canson paper. Maybe my project tomorrow will be more planned out, but for now have a good basics for seeing what I loved with these products.

Hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Love playing! And your outcome was great!!! Good to know the mepxys work on the drawing paper!!!