Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Let them have cake - on a pretty plate.

 Today we are creating an abstract floral cake platter, I have had this cake platter for almost two years, my son gave it to me for Mother's Day and its never been used. So I thought why not create something more my style instead of a plain glass platter.

 Supplies used are very limited which is a plus!
  • Glass Cake Platter
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glossy Paint in Pepper Red
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glossy Paint in Ink Black
  • Princeton Art and Brush Co Flat Brush and a small round brush for details if wanted.

 First you need to prep your surface, I completely cleaned the platter with dishwashing liquid and hot water, I also dried it thoroughly before starting the flowers.

I looked up some images of poppies to give me some inspiration. I wanted to keep things loose and easy not creating things too uniformed, I used sweeping brush strokes to create little red flowers buds.

I then went in with the ink black colour and worked quickly with the black accents.
I thought long and hard about if I wanted to give them stems, or let them just be floating flowers, in the end stems won..I am still unsure I made the right choice! but art is about leaping into the unknown.
I made the stems using a mixture of the ink black on a paintbrush, just being very free with the lines, giving them slight bulbs at the top where the stems meet the petals.

Once I was happy with the look, I preheated my oven to 160 degrees and popped it straight in for 40 minutes. When the timer was up, I shut the oven off and just left the door open, so the platter could cool slowly.

During the oven process a little of the black went a little a-wall but I still love the messy arty look that was created, the reds really popped once the baking was complete! I know I will for sure use the platter so much more now that its got a little of my personality on it!

So there you have it! if you have a poor sad cake platter that needs some life! this is a fun and very beginner project you yourself could tackle with no problems at all!!

See you with another project soon.
Courtney Diaz.


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  2. A blossomingly beautiful post Courtney. I received a bunch for Valentines Day. I'd LOVE to have a keep-sake of our beautiful day. Thanks for sharing.