Monday, 23 February 2015

Mepxy Max 2nd Edition


BY Ash Chain
Created with Canson Drawing 220 paper and Mepxy Markers

Hello again everyone! Ready for another Mepxy Max session I hope. Today I used the Mepxy brush markers and Canson 220 drawing paper (my favourite). This time instead of a step by step picture tutorial, I did a time-lapse so you can see the whole stage of colouring. I drew a Picathartes and peonies flowers. I'm a massive David Attenborough fan so my inspiration is from him for this picture. I hope you like it.

I start with my line drawing which is done with two ordinary art liners (of your choice) I prefer to used 0.8 and 0.2 liners. Then the best part, the colour, I always start with my darker colour first. so you can see for the leaves I've used a darker green first then gone in with the lighter green while the darker green ink is still gentling into the paper. this helps blend the darker green and the lighter green out together. I find this process works best on Canson 220 drawing paper.

If you would find the darker areas you went over with the lighter marker aren't as dark as you would like, repeat the process as you can see I did on the inside of the peony. Be careful not to over saturate the area though. After all, paper can only take so much ink. You can see I do the same darkening process in the Picathartes wings as well. Also, blending may not be for everyone. You may like a hard contrasting line which is totally fine and cool. I just like to blend when doing flowers and birds as it make them look softer.

If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Colours I used were:
G28, G07, L24, L09, R20, R32, R00, W00, Y15, Y38, N27, N05, CG01, CG03, CG04, CG05, CG06, CG07, CG08 and a white gel liner for highlights in the eye.

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