Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Meet Natalie Wyatt

Natalie Wyatt. 20, Melbourne.

I pride myself on probably being a very accurate female representation of Peter Pan, I am a huge Disney girl and have even cos-played as Princess Belle on an occasion or two. I don't believe I will ever lose my child-like wonder and love of things magical and happily ever after. My romance with art is married very closely with my love of cartoons. Whether it be Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar or anything in between, I find myself utterly drawn to it.

I have been drawing seriously since early-teenage years and just love it. It's like an expression of myself. For me, drawing is a release of both creativity and excitement with the promise of fulfillment from creating something from nothing. Something that's like a fingerprint, uniquely yours and yours alone.
Your interpretation. 

I tend to cycle through an assortment of mediums as I become drawn to them, however, I am currently most drawn to graphite, markers, pens and digital painting.

I am 20 years old and about to commence my final year of a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at University in Melbourne and hope to one day work as a story artist for a major animation studio.

Here is some examples of some of my works:

Above: Marker Drawing of Original Characters.
Above: Mixed Media Drawings with Digital Paint.

Above: Watercolour Painting.

 Above: Mixed Media, Linoleum Printing with Papier Colle.
 Above: Marker Drawing.
 Above: Pencil Drawing.
 Above: Pen Drawing.

Below: This is a YouTube video of a hand-drawn animation I completed for a University assignment.
Made with Mepxy Markers and Canson paper.

Excited to get started with Crafty Crusaders!


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