Thursday, 15 January 2015

Meet Ash Chain

Hey ladies, my name is Ash Chain and I'm a 24 year old tattoo artist and cosplayer currently living in Cairns. I have been tattooing for the past three years and cosplaying for seven years. I have also been creating art using different mediums since my early high school years. I have been a gamer  and an avid comic, memorabilia and statue collector for the majority of my life. Comic book artists such as Jim Lee and Nichola Scott have been a major influence and inspiration to my art work and drawing style. Simple yet full of impact. Although i mainly draw animals and objects so David Attenborough and the animal kingdom are my major influences there. I love animals and have watch David Attenborough since I can remember. I drawing mainly in pen and ink. I also use pencil, paint, watercolour and even digital. I travel around Australia attending tattoo conventions and also pop culture conventions such as Supanova and Comic Con advertising myself as a professional tattoo artist, artist and skills in fabrication as a cosplayer. I never travel without my trusty mepxy markers and a pad of paper. After all you never know when inspiration will strike. Hope you enjoy my work.

One of my first times using Mepxy markers. Decided and vibrant fennec fox would be perfect.

Superman mixing his reds with the white washing load. We've all done it.

King of the Owls with his sloe berry and dead mice crown. Pencil work.

(Not finished) Oil on canvas. The Magnificent Bird of Paradise.

I love foxes and I love flowers. A3 Canson 220 drawing paper with Mepxy markers.

Even assassins need their coffee break. This piece was recognised and praised by two of the artists that worked on Etzio in the first assassin's creed. Needless to say I was a bit stoked!

I love cats. I love Assassin's Creed. This is the result.

Hope you've enjoyed some of my art!

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