Friday, 9 January 2015

Meet Dee Noney

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to the art world so I am super excited to be chosen as Crafty Crusader Design Team member.

About 18 months ago I closed down my business an Image and Colour Consultant and having some extra time on my hands, decided to take up art as a hobby. I'd always enjoyed art at school, but hadn't really practiced at all in my adult life so I took as many on-line classes as I could find (I am still addicted to them).  I mainly explored mixed media and art journalling classes which I continue to enjoy so I can learn and grow as an artist. I am also starting to branch out into more larger scale work on canvases, and dabbling in a bit of digital art - I love it all.  I am living proof of how far you can come, and how quickly you can advance just by watching art tutorials and practicing, so if you love art, start watching, learning and doing. 

One of the biggest outcomes of my foray into the art world is my addiction and obsession with art supplies. As art adventurers we simply can't have enough. I'll use whatever I have at hand to create, and as you will see in the upcoming tutorials, there are some wonderful, amazing products available. 

Below is some of the work I have created recently, I hope you enjoy it, and will continue on to create your own beautiful art work.

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