Monday, 12 January 2015

Meet Kerry Sinigaglia......

Hi. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Kerry Sinigaglia and I live in Brisbane, sunny Queensland. I have been married for 25 years and we have two wonderful kids, or should I say, teens.

 My heart has always belonged to art. I have, since childhood, always drawn, painted or done some kind of creative activity. Even when life seemed to get in the way, I was still playing with colour. Only on walls, renovating houses and and dressing them up with home decor.

Only over the last few years have I rediscovered my love for drawing again. After leaping into art journaling, I have been on a creative journey, finding mixed media to be my true love. Art journaling has stolen my heart for sure. Although, being a dabbler, I'm also finding that assemblage is pushing my creative juices. It's always great to break out and try new things. These are the things that keep us growing as artists.

My experiences in art continue to teach me about myself and and it often surprises me just how nourishing it is for the soul. 

Finding inspiration in sometimes unusual places, I love to work in whatever medium feels right at the time. No rules. ( chuck them out the door).
So days my art is bright,  happy & whimsical.


And some days dark and mysterious.

Apart from having the thrill of being a member of the design team here, my artwork will be published in an art journaling book early this year. So, 2015 is looking to be a great one so far. I am looking forward to sharing some ideas with you and helping you on your own art-venture.

                                                                      See you here again soon.
                                                                 Kerry Sinigaglia

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